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Who should do this course

All career counselors, education consultants and those involved in advising students in choosing a career whether in Pakistan or abroad


2 Full Working Days with tea and lunch breaks

Entry Requirements

Good and working knowledge of English language, basic understanding of the concept of counseling and relevant IT Skills


This short certificate course is designed to shave your counselling skills and learn the most latest theories of counselling young students and those engaged in profession seeking advice. This is an intensive programme that will help people establish their business as education consultants and advisory services

Course Structure



Courses fees

Rs. 25,000 per person that includes all printed material, worksheets and counselors pouch. This also includes two teas and a lunch break.

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Basic Concepts of Career Counseling
  • History, Definition and Origin

  • What is Career Counseling?

  • Guidance and Counseling Difference

  • Notable People in Career Counseling

  • Structure of Career Counseling Process

  • Career Planning - Pyramid of Information

  • Objectives of Career Intervention

  • Counselor in Process and Effectiveness

  • Types and categories of Counselor

  • Student Decision Making (SDM) Process

Career Planning & Development - Identify Future Career Prospects
  • Career Planning from Student’s Perspective

  • Goals for Career Planning

  • Mapping Your Work Life

  • Challenges of Globalization

  • Selecting & Choosing a Career

  • Why Niche or Specialization?

  • Emerging Subject Areas& top 5 Professions Choosing the Right University & Study Destination

  • Global Universities Ranking

Learning Counselling Skills - Real Life Case Studies
  • Counselling: The Key Elements

  • The Process of Evaluation

  • The Process of Intervention

  • The Process of Termination

  • Counselling Vs Dream of a Mother

  • The Counselling Process – Case Study 1

  • The Counselling Process – Case Study 2

Counselling PG and Research Students - Useful Tools and Tips for Counsellors
  • Planning for Postgraduate/PhD Study

  • Classification, Types & Duration

  • Taught Vs Research Degree

  • Application Process

  • Core Elements of PG/Research Application

  • Key Requirements & Reasons of Rejection

  • Choosing University with Research Creditability

  • Assisting Research/PhD Applications

  • Finding Research Opportunities

  • Finding Research Job/Internship/Project

  • Global Internship/Job Opportunities

Counselling Students in the 21st Century - The Impact of Technology
  • How the World in Changing?

  • Career Counsellor of 21st Century

  • Demographic Changes

  • Automation: Big Consequences for Education

  • Computer Usage Implication for Students

  • Cyber Counselling: A New Phenomenon

  • Internet & Computer Assisted Career Guidance System (CACGS)

  • Combining Computer & Counsellor

  • Modern Tools & Techniques in Career Counselling

  • Impact of Technology on Counselling

  • Counsellor Responsibilities Using Computer

  • Education Consultant – The Cutting Edge

  • Use of Technology – Examples

  • Disadvantages of Internet Supported Counselling

Counsellors Tool Box - Writing a CV, Personal Statement & Portfolio
  • Developing CV/Resume

  • What is a Good CV?

  • Your Web Personality/Identity

  • Professional Networking Channels

  • Writing a Personal Statement

  • Things to Avoid in Personal Statement

  • Portfolio – Profile of Competence

  • Why a Portfolio?

  • Different Type of Portfolios

  • Digital Portfolio (E-Portfolio)

Helping Students to find Scholarships Abroad
  • What is Scholarship?

  • Some Facts about Scholarships

  • Types & Categories of Scholarships

  • International Scholarships:

    • Developing Solutions Scholarship

    • Chevening Scholarship

    • Fulbright Scholarship

    • Commonwealth Scholarship

    • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

    • Subject Specific Scholarships

  • Applying for a Scholarship?

  • Completing Application Forms

  • Scholarship Interview Call & Award

  • Deadlines for Scholarships

Career Counselling Exercises

Focus on different careers aspect & professions