Required documents: (Sweden)

  • Two passport size photographs. The photos must be: full face (facing the camera directly with your eyes looking straight at the camera), color, with a light background, no more than six months old and a good likeness of you, bareheaded, unless you have special religious reasons;
  • Original passport and national identity card;
  • 2 copies of first two pages of the passport and 2 of national identity card;
  • Acceptance/admission letter from University/College in Sweden – two copies, (the planned study should be full time – minimum 30 points);
  • Certificate of leave of absence/educational leave (where relevant) – original with a photo-copy;
  • 2 copies of your own bank statement (both the originals) with a covering letter from the bank showing that you have enough money to support yourself throughout the entire planned study period. (Proof that you can support yourself must be provided, e.g. in the form of some kind of documentation certifying your own bank assets, documentation certifying that you have received a scholarship or in some other similar manner).
  • You are required to show that you will have SEK 7,300 per month at your disposal for 10 months/year; for a co-applicant the required amount will be SEK 3,500 per month and for each accompanying child you will need to show an amount of SEK 2,100 per month for 12 months/year;
  • 2 copies of Health Insurance Policy – students applying for residence permit for less than one year, i.e. one or two semesters, need a health insurance covering costs up to 30,000 EURO for urgent and other kinds of health care, hospitalization and costs for trips back home for medical reasons