1. All members of APECOP shall conduct the business ethically. In accordance with Immigration Laws, following their system & procedures prescribed by the subject country.
  2. It will be mandatory for members to follow Code of Ethics in letter & spirit and any violation will make the member liable for disciplinary action and termination of membership.
  3. The APECOP Members must discharge their duty towards their clients at all levels with fairness, honesty and integrity.
  4. The APECOP Members owe their client honest, professional & competent services. The services should have the quality expected from a professional Consultant.
  5. The APECOP Members must be honest & candid while advising their clients.
  6. The APECOP Members will be duty bound to keep the data of their clients in strict confidence and shall not diverge or share such information with any other party except concerned institution for which it was given.
  7. The APECOP Members should take care to avoid conflict of interest with other Consultants/ Fellow Members in terms of literature, advertisements, publicity and mobility of staff.
  8. The APECOP Members will not indulge/ engage in another profession or business not related to Education Consultancy.
  9. When acting on behalf of client The APECOP Members will treat their clients with respect & honour within the specified law.
  10. The APECOP Members shall prescribe/ declare their administrative fees clearly on their websites and on their literatures and shall not change or accept any such fee which is not disclosed in advance to their clients.
  11. The APECOP Members will clearly describe the nature of their services to be rendered against the fee to be charged already disclosed.
  12. The APECOP Members’ conduct towards their fellow Consultants should be characterised by courtesy & good faith.
  13. The APECOP Members should avoid opening up offices in immediate vicinity of their fellow members wherever possible.
  14. All APECOP Members should display prominently their credentials such as Name of Organisation, Company Memorandum, Company Registration, License if any from Government Agencies, any other Certificates/ Credentials and Code of Ethics.

Members who do not follow Code of Ethics or fail to meet the requirements of bylaws of Association shall be referred to Disciplinary Committee and their membership shall be terminated if found violating the Code of Conduct/ Ethics of APECOP.

The amendment in the Ethics or Code of Conduct can only be made with approval of 1/3rd majority of founder members