DSC_2068Association of Professional Education Consultants of Pakistan (APECOP) was founded in 2009 with the help and support of a handful of renowned and well known education consultants of Pakistan. The decision was taken in view of the increasing fraud and unprofessional activities that were taking place in this profession. There was a dire need to establish a platform where the business and industry related to international student placement and education consultancy can be provided considering moral and ethical values associated with this business.

This initiative was taken by one of the most renowned and reputable educationist counsellor and motivator Syed Abidi supported by group of education consultants who agreed to provide services on the above lines and constituted as a legal entity to be called APECOP. The members agreed to follow a Code of Ethics that is integral part of the constitution and memorandum of APECOP.

Soon after its inception in the early 2009 Syed Abidi contacted the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and provided the copies of memorandum, code of ethics and the services that it expects the members to perform.  The major focus was on promoting best practices and ethical values in this business not only to eliminate mushroom and small agents which tend to spoil the image and profile of the business but also to save the hard earned money in Foreign Exchange of Pakistani students seeking admission abroad. The association was immediately given attention by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and then Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Ms. Shehnaz Wazir Ali very kindly agreed to inaugurate APECOP and provide support to the members through Higher Education Commission (HEC) wherever possible. The event which took place in Lahore was a success and more than 100 senior educationists and academics attended the function besides founder members at a local hotel.

APECOP is continuously increasing its memberships and improving its services to this Industry and a new website has now been developed with better information and productive services being launched for members, its partners Universities and students in general.

Since APECOP is the only legitimate, registered and recognized platform. I highly encourage renowned and well established education consultants to become members as we move into the 2015. APECOP is planning a national education consultant’s conference between March and April 2015 which would bring education consultants, advisors and all those related to International education consultancy in Pakistan at one platform. The objective would be to discuss means and ways to protect support and further the cause of international education in Pakistan and how students can be helped in the most efficient way possible. I hope you will be one privileged agency to join us as soon as you log on.